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5 Foods that are Bad for Your Gut-Skin Axis Consider Limiting These Foods For Better Results from Rise

January 5, 2023

By lumiara-admin

There is growing support for the idea that there is a strong link between the health of the gut and the health of the skin.

You’ve probably heard it referred to as the gut-skin axis. Simply, it’s the connection between the digestive system and the skin.

The gut contains billions of bacteria in what is called the gut microbiome. These bacteria aide with digestion and help our organs remain healthy. Similarly, our skin also protects us from infection and injury.

When the gut is healthy, the skin stays healthy too. However, when it gets disrupted, skin problems arise. For example, when someone eats a lot of unhealthy foods, the gut microbiome becomes unbalanced. This can result in problems we see, like acne, rash, inflammation.

In time, this inflammation turns to wrinkles, fine lines, and looser, weakened skin.

Here are five foods that may potentially damage the gut-skin axis.

Now, remember, everybody is different and can react in various ways.

Additionally, I’m not suggesting you cut out these foods entirely.

So, as always, please take this advice with a “grain” of alt.

Processed foods: Processed foods are often high in things like sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. These are like treats for the bad bacteria in the gut, so eventually the bad bacteria feed off the treats, and outweigh the good kinds. This leads to inflammation.

Gluten: Some people have sensitivities to gluten, while other people can’t tolerate it at all. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barely, and rye that can cause inflammation and damage the gut lining.

Dairy products: Dairy products, especially those that are processed or contain additives, can be difficult for some people to digest. Some people don’t have the enzyme that breaks down lactose in dairy products, so it causes inflammation.

Alcohol: Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is known to damage the gut lining and lead to inflammation.

High-fat foods: A diet composed strictly of unhealthy fats, like fried food and processed meats, may irritate the gut, and cause the skin to react negatively.

Now, I would never suggest my patients eat a diet that only contained the above five foods.

Of course not!

However, I would also never tell my patients to eliminate everything mentioned above altogether.

It’s important to note that these foods won’t have the same effect on everyone, and while a balanced diet is part of a good skin care routine, you should never totally deprive yourself of the things that make you happy.

Here’s the good news.

If you’re concerned about your gut health, there are many ways to help restore the gut to a healthy state without making any changes at all.

When you take Lumiara, you don’t need to avoid anything to see results. However, you might want to consider limiting some of the foods listed above, for even better results.