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Let your eyes reveal the age you feel on the inside

Shine Eye Serum

5 Star4.9 out of 5

180 Days Money Back Guarantee
shine for Ageless eyes
3 Packs shine for Ageless eyes
6 Packs shine for Ageless eyes
shine for Ageless eyes
3 Packs shine for Ageless eyes
6 Packs shine for Ageless eyes
  • Nourish Microbiome
  • Clinical Proven
  • Cruelty Free
  • 6 Month Gurantee

Let your eyes reveal the age you feel on the inside

Shine Eye Serum

5 Star4.9 out of 5

The ingredients in Shine Eye Serum activate the pleasure centers in your brain, sending your confidence sky-high. While nourishing the skin’s healthy bacteria with natural moisturizers to help to smooth away wrinkles, erase fine lines, and reveal nearly flawless radiant skin.

  • Banish visible signs of aging to reveal youthful radiance
  • Soothe away the inflammation that can speed up the aging process
  • Nourish, hydrate, and soothe the skin for a glowing appearance
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  • nourish the Misrobuome
  • clinically Proven
  • cruelty Free
  • 6 month Guarantee

For Bright Youthful Eyes
That Defy the Hands of Time

The first thing people notice are your eyes—and they should look
more like the age you feel on the inside

Say goodbye

Say goodbye to crow’s feet and wrinkles for ageless beauty.

Replace tired

Replace tired, discolored bags with youthful radiance.

Firm and tighten Skin

Lift, firm and tighten the skin around your eyes—banishing 5-10 years.

Boundless confidence

Restore your youthful spark and boundless confidence.

About Lumiara’s Shine
Eye Serum

Lumiara Shine for ageless eyes

When you meet someone for the first time, the first thing they see is your eyes.

And while a few crow’s feet on men makes them look more distinguished… you know, as a woman, they make us look AND feel old and unattractive.

That’s why Shine is formulated to activate the skin’s microbiome, activating your healthy bacteria for fast, noticeable, youth-boosting results.

Just a few dabs around your eyes, no matter your age or skin type, could blow away signs of aging like candles on a birthday cake—erasing 3, 5 or even 10 years of aging.

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Lumiara’s 99% Natural,
Organic Ingredients Deliver
Lasting Results for the Radiant Look You Deserve

Better skin and more oxytocin means looking good and feeling even better. Finally…
A way to be comfortable being the beautiful, smart woman you are.

Right Click Feel Excited About Your Appearance

As Shine brightens, firms and rejuvenates the skin around your eyes

Right Click Reflect the Age You FEEL On the Inside

Your eyes can say a lot about who you are—let them shine with youthful energy

Right Click Reclaim unstoppable confidence

Bright, younger-looking eyes can help send your confidence sky-high

Before & after
  • 27%

    Saw brighter, more youthful looking eyes after using Shine Eye Serum

  • 26%

    Noticed fewer crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles within just 4 weeks

  • 95%

    Enjoyed less dropping, bags and discoloration around the eyes after just 4 weeks

99% Natural, Organic Ingredient For
Age-Defying Results You’ll Love

Lumiara Ageless eyes

Say goodbye to crow’s feet, fine lines, bags, sags, droops and discoloration…
say hello to the kind of bright, youthful eyes that can light up a room

Lumiara Ageless eyes
CanniBiota CanniBiota

THC and CBD free, Cannabiota activates areas of your brain related to pleasure. Promoting higher self-esteem while delivering optimal hydration to your skin, reducing wrinkles and ensuring a bright, radiant appearance.

Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera Juice:

Extracted from the inner fillet of the aloe plant, aloe juice is acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, soothing and cooling the skin while replenishing vital moisture.

Avocado Oil Avocado Oil:

A potent source of Vitamin E, avocado oil is a prime skin moisturizer and source of nutrients shown to help stimulate natural collagen production—helping to erase fine lines and wrinkles, restoring your natural beauty.

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  • Plant Powered
  • Paraben Free
  • Clinically Proven
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in USA
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Safe for all skin
  • Ph Balanced

How To Use

Wash your face

Wash your face normally and pat dry. Take a small dab and apply it to the skin around one eye. Then do the same on your other eye.

Skin will feel soft

After just 3 minutes you’ll notice how much smoother the lines around your eyes are. The under-eye bags will have faded away. And your skin will feel soft, yet firm.

Best results use

For best results use in the morning before applying make-up and again in the evening before going to bed.

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Real Stories
From Real Women

Joane | Verified Verified Customer

Chritina | Verified Verified Customer

Iman | Verified Verified Customer

See What Other Delighted
Women Are Saying

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Janette F.

"No more skin anxiety"

5 Star

At 55 I felt like I spent just as much time worrying about my skin as I did about my kids. Then I watched Dr. Anderson’s video and wow! What a difference. My skin is beautiful and I feel amazing.

- Janette F

Hannah Y

"Feel more confident than ever before"

5 Star

When I was younger, I stressed about lots of little things. Now I’m wiser, I know what’s really important so Lumiara has made me more confident than ever before. Love how it works on your skin and your mood.

- Hannah Y

Michele L

"Worth it if you have wrinkles"

5 Star

My wrinkles had spoiled my mornings for years. I hated looking at them in the mirror after I’d just woke up so I wanted to see if Lumiara really did anything and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll keep using it as it’s the best wrinkle cream I’ve tried.

- Michele L

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Lumiara’s Glow Face Serum?

Specially formulated to deliver fast, noticeable results, the 99% natural, organic ingredients in Lumiara’s Shine Eye Serum is the only formula on the market that targets the skin’s microbiome—nourishing the skin’s healthy bacteria—to safely erase years of aging around the eyes.

It starts with the groundbreaking power of Cannabiota to activate the pleasure centers in your brain while nourishing and hydrating the skin around the eyes. Supporting nutrients promote natural collagen production, rejuvenating the skin to help banish fine lines, crow’s feet and even the darkest and deepest eye-bags.

And unlike competing products on beauty store shelves or Amazon, we always use the best quality ingredients AND the scientifically correct-dosages and that’s why our ladies are thrilled with their transformation.

How does Shine Eye Serum work?
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Will it work for me?
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