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The Lumiara line helps you look and feel like a million dollars. Today, you can erase the wrinkles and firm saggy skin, all while feeling happier in your own skin.

Lifted Cream

For Face & Neck

5 Star

Lift your skin & lift your confidence with the anti-aging skin nourishing cream.

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For Ageless Eyes

5 Star

Say goodbye to crows feet & under-eye bags to enjoy youthful looking eyes.

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For Face

5 Star

Heal blemishes, smooth away wrinkles & ease fine lines for flawless radiant skin.

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Results Everyone
Should Notice.

We gave a handful of lucky women the opportunity to try Lumiara before it hit the shelves. Here’s their impressive results in numbers.


Reduction in wrinkles

The handful of lucky women who tried Lumiara early got the kind of results others really notice.


Increase in skin radiance

This increase In Skin’s Radiance meant the women were also thrilled with their new, exciting glow.


Would buy again

When we circled back to ask the women whether they’d be happy to buy Lumiara, the vast majority said yes!

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Give Your Skin
A Big Hug.

Having great skin isn’t just about looking great. It’s about feeling every bit as great as you look which is why you should think of Lumiara as "pure bliss in a bottle."

Glow for Face
  • Helps erase wrinkles & lines
  • Fixes & firms loose, saggy skin
  • Elevates happiness & confidence
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Results Worthy of
5-Star Reviews.

Janette F

"No more skin anxiety"

5 Star Review

At 55 I felt like I spent just as much time worrying about my skin as I did about my kids. Then I watched Dr. Weinstein’s video and wow! What a difference. My skin is beautiful and I feel amazing.

- Janette F

Hannah Y

"Feel more confident than ever before"

5 Star Review

When I was younger, I stressed about lots of little things. Now I’m wiser, I know what’s really important so Lumiara has made me more confident than ever before. Love how it works on your skin and your mood.

- Hannah Y

Michele L

"Worth it if you have wrinkles"

5 Star Review

My wrinkles had spoiled my mornings for years. I hated looking at them in the mirror after I’d just woke up so I wanted to see if Lumiara really did anything and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll keep using it as it’s the best wrinkle cream I’ve tried.

- Michele L

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It’s All Because of CanniBiota.

lumiara For Agless eyes
  • 1

    Better Skin

    The natural extract works to give you a sort-of round the clock facial

  • 2

    Boost Oxytocin

    Feel more attractive, more alluring and see how others quickly warm to you.

  • 3

    Live Happy

    The natural extract works to give you a sort-of round the clock facial

What Should We Put
An End To First?

Wrinkles & fine lines

& fine lines

Shop Now Shop Now Reduce Wrinkles & fine lines
Loose, saggy skin

saggy skin

Shop Now Shop Now Reduce saggy skin
Crow’s feet & eye wrinkles

Crow’s feet &
eye wrinkles

Shop Now Shop Now Reduce your eye wrinkles

Recommended By
The World’s Best Dermatologist.

Dr. Weinstein

Dr. Mara Weinstein is the world’s leading expert on microbiomes and how we can use the latest microbiome breakthroughs to help slow, delay and reverse aging.

Along with serving a handful of lucky clients in New York, Dr. Mara has taken what she’s learned from her time at Harvard, Yale and the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and partnered with Lumiara.

Just to create the kind of high-quality, affordable microbiome formulas you, your body and your skin have been quietly dreaming of.

So today, you don’t have to book a pricey girl’s weekend away to get the enviable years younger look Dr. Mara is oh so famous for, as everything you need to defy the years and radiate beautiful energy can be found here, at Lumiara.

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