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Sculpt by Lumiara

5 Start4.9 out of 5

180 Days Money Back Guarantee
Sculpt By Lumiara
3 Packs of Sculpt By Lumiara
6 Packs of Sculpt By Lumiara
Sculpt By Lumiara
3 Packs of Sculpt By Lumiara
6 Packs of Sculpt By Lumiara
  • Boost NMF Health
  • clinically Proven
  • cruelty Free
  • 6 month Guarantee

Sculpt By Lumiara

5 Star4.9 out of 5

Look younger and healthier from head to toe with our breakthrough body-firming cream. Sculpt effortlessly smoothes, plumps and hydrates any unflattering dry, crepey skin by naturally boosting the health of your Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

  • Smooths away crepey, wrinkly skin
  • Hydrates dry, wrinkled skin
  • Plumps & firms all over the body
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  • nourish the Misrobuome
  • clinically Proven
  • cruelty Free
  • 6 month Guarantee

Shower Your Body In Natural “NMF” Hydration For Firmer,
Plumper, Younger-Looking Skin.

Sculpt restores youth to your Natural Moisturizing Factor, giving you everything needed to thicken up and smooth away the dry, crepey skin.

Revive an aging

Seals youthful hydration into your skin.

Repair damage

Smooths away problem crepey areas.

Restore thickness & firmness

Helps plump, thicken and firm dry, thin skin.

Rejuvenate your skin

Leaves you with a radiant head-to-toe glow.

About Our Breakthrough
NMF Boosting Formula.

CanniBiota Cream

Skin laxity and elastosis. Problems better known as thin, dry, crepey skin. Problems that can be fixed by restoring healthy, youthful function to your NMF.

Because with Sculpt helping your NMF to fire on all cylinders, you can enjoy increased elasticity, increased flexibility and the kind of skin-plumping hydration that eases away dry, wrinkled skin.

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Get A Non-Stop Glow…
From Your Head To Your Toe.

Supporting your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor means smoother, softer, more
supple skin from the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep.

Right Click Get Rid of
The Wrinkles

Sculpt can give your skin the elasticity, plumpness and firmness it needs to look young, healthy and vibrant.

Right Click Erase Creases,
Crinkles & Lines

Especially around your neck, cleavage, chest, hands, upper arms, legs and thighs.

Right Click No More

Trap natural, skin-smoothing hydration into your skin and banish any dry, crepey body skin.

Before & After
  • 96%

    Saw improvements to their dry, crepey skin.

  • 98%

    Of women loved how soft and smooth their skin feels.

  • 96%

    Would recommend Sculpt to their mom, sister or best friend.

The Newest, Best Way To
Smooth Away Crepey Skin.

Lumiara for face & Neck cream

These are the key ingredients in Sculpt by Lumiara. All formulated to transform your
skin and backed by leading skincare expert Dr. Mara Weinstein.

Lumiara for face & Neck cream
CanniBiota Squalane

Described as “your skin’s best friend” by Vogue, Squalane is a skin-identical ingredient that “tops up” your natural oils to boost NMF health and reduce the appearance of rough, crepey skin.

Glycerin Shea Mango Butter

An organic, scentless, skin-friendly emollient that will safely melt into your skin and powerfully help you restore that enviable dewy, soft and supple look. Seals moisture into the skin to repair wrinkles and creases.

Citric Acid Cocos Nucifera

A rare Coconut Oil, rich in the type of fatty acids that work alongside other components to help maintain a healthy environment for NMF. It can plump up and revitalize even the dryest, thinnest and crepiest of aging skin.

Citric Acid Olea Olive Oil

Supercharges the hydrating properties of Squalane and an algae extract to help stimulate the production of collagen and give women faster, even more noticeable results.

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  • Plant Powered
  • paraben Free
  • clinically Proven
  • Cruelty Free
  • made in USA
  • 3rd Party LAB Tested
  • Safe for All Skin
  • PH Balanced

How Sculpt Works

No matter how much crepey skin you have, how much it bothers you or where it is on your body, Sculpt can help bring back supple, young-looking skin. Best applied as the last step in your skincare routine twice per day.

Apply Sculpt By Lumiara
Apply Sculpt by Lumiara

Gently massage a quarter size amount into any problem crepey area. Our luxury cream will then sink into your skin, feeding your NMF everything it needs to naturally smooth, hydrate and plump.

Feel The Difference
Feel The Difference

Once Sculpt has fully absorbed into your skin, you should instantly feel your skin become softer, silkier and velvety to the touch. You may notice your skin no longer looks dry and rough too.

See The Results
See The Results

How quickly you see dramatic results depends on how noticeable your creping is and how much creping you have but the best results always come from consistent, daily use so we encourage you to make Sculpt a healthy habit.

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Real Stories
From Real Women

Joane | Verified Verified Customer

Christina | Verified Verified Customer

Iman | Verified Verified Customer

Women Just Like You Are
Already In Love With Their New Skin.

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Based on 22 Reviews

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Tamara T

"I Was Wrong to be Skeptical"

5 Star

At 62 years old, I didn’t really believe my skin could ever look good again but I bought anyway hoping to see some small improvements to my necklace lines. To my surprise, the results have been amazing. Far better than I expected. I’m smooth and firm all over and I was definitely wrong to be skeptical

- Tamara T

Jessica Z

"Worth 10x The Price If Crepey Skin Annoys You"

5 Star

I rarely buy stuff on the internet but a friend told me Dr. Mara’s skincare was an absolute must and she was right. My crepey old lady skin had bothered me for years and now it’s pretty much gone. I promise you Sculpt is worth 10x the price if crepey skin annoys you.

- Jessica Z

Kelly B

"Really Helps With Confidence In The Summer"

5 Star

I’m 55 and have done an okay job of keeping wrinkles off my face but creping is a different story. My arms, legs and cleavage were making me look 20 years older so I dreaded having to show off my skin in the summer. Now, thanks to Dr. Mara, my skin is so much better I can enjoy the sun again. This really helps with confidence in the summer when you can’t hide the crepey skin!

- Kelly B

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Sculpt by Lumiara
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Sculpt Fix Crepey Skin?

Sculpt is the world’s first and only body-firming cream to specifically support and enhance your NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). This gives your skin everything it needs to trap more hydration into your skin, which in turn, improves elasticity and flexibility, allowing your skin to naturally smooth, soften and look younger in every way that counts.

How Long Until I See Results?
Will It Work For Me?
What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?
How Long Does One Bottle Last?
Can I Use Sculpt With My Normal Skincare Routine?
How Can I Order Sculpt?
Is Ordering Safe & Secure?
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