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3 Tips to Nourish Your Skin’s Microbiome

March 22, 2024

By lumiara-admin


Your skin is the home of trillions of living organisms. They are collectively known as the skin microbiome. And these tiny, little creatures are what bring life and vitality to your skin.

Good bacteria in the skin microbiome is like a fantastic roommate. They help you out by doing the washing up. Keeping everything smooth, tidy and free of clutter.

However, bad bacteria is like a terrible roommate. They cause constant mayhem. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink and the home a mess. Making the skin rough, wrinkly and uninviting. 

To be at home in your skin again, you need to kick the bad bacteria out. With these three tips to nourish your skin’s microbiome, you can show bad bacteria the exit door.

What Disrupts The Skin Microbiome?

Unfortunately, disruption to the skin microbiome is unavoidable. Unless we freeze ourselves in a block of ice, we can’t stop the biological clock from ticking. And to be honest, even the block of ice technique wouldn’t be so great for our skin.

As we age, the skin microbiome changes. Especially from our 40s upwards (1). Hormonal changes occur and leave the skin microbiome disturbed.

Bad bacteria takes the place of the good bacteria. And we’re left with a less than well protected skin barrier. Vulnerable to the external aggressors of the big, wide world.

Whether we’ve spent too much time in the sun, enjoyed red wine and a cheeky chocolate treat more often than not. The changes to the skin microbiome occur regardless. These things unfortunately just don’t help.

Changes to the skin microbiome are inevitable. And not for the better. Thankfully there are ways to nourish your skin’s microbiome and restore it back to health. So you can reduce the classic signs of aging.

So if your skin is making you look older than you years, it’s time to dive beneath the surface- microbiome deep.

3 Tips to Nourish Your Skin’s Microbiome

1. Hydration

There’s no denying it. Hormones change as we age. And it can cause chaos for balance of the skin microbiome.

As years go by, we produce less estrogen. And this is problematic for the skin barrier. Estrogen is an important hormone for the skin’s hydration system. So with so much less of it, it disrupts the skin microbiome.

Estrogen influences the skin’s production of ceramides, hyaluronic acid and sebum. Without enough estrogen, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture. Disrupting the skin microbiome.

The skin should be plump, firm and smooth. But instead, it turns rough, dry and dehydrated. Making us feel older than our years. 

And it’s not just estrogen. Many skincare products are great for getting rid of harmful bacteria. But by being so squeaky clean, we lose the good bacteria too. Leaving our skin barrier vulnerable. 

The skin is a protective shield for us against harm. Without enough hydration, the skin is prone to wrinkles, crepiness and sagging. None of which help us achieve a youthful complexion. 

So to restore the skin microbiome, hydration is essential.

Using a humectant like glycerin draws much needed water into the skin. Enhancing skin hydration and moisture. Needed for restoring the balance of the skin microbiome. And helping reduce signs of aging by smoothing out rough texture.

2. Exfoliate

Now we are not talking about scrubbing your skin to death with an exfoliating mitt. Or using a grainy scrub. That won’t help your skin microbiome. In fact, your skin will probably be more dry and thus wrinkly than before.

What we are talking about is chemical exfoliation. By using an active ingredient such as citric acid, and not an abrasive scrubbing mitt. Utilizing products that work deep below the skin surface. All to help restore your skin microbiome.

This type of ingredient works wonders for the skin microbiome. It helps skin cell turnover. Exactly what your microbiome needs to rebalance and produce healthier, new skin cells. Shedding old, damaged cells that make the skin look just as old. 

3. Postbiotics

We always hear about probiotics. Great for the gut. But not so much as a topical for the skin. 

While common in skincare products, they often include preservatives. Preservatives are great for getting rid of nasty, bad bacteria in the skin microbiome. But they can’t tell the difference between what is bad and what is good. They end up killing the essential good bacteria we need for a healthy skin microbiome.

What the skin microbiome really needs is postbiotics. Postbiotics may sound alien but they truly are out of this world.

Postbiotics are what these living organisms on the skin leave behind when they die. It may sound a little morbid or gross, but it’s anything but for the appearance of the skin. 

When this bacteria dies, they break down into tiny nutrients that work wonders for the skin. Harvard Women’s Health Watch even says that postbiotic nutrients can slow down the growth of harmful bacteria. And other postbiotic substances such as short chain fatty acids can help the appearance of skin flourish (2).

So by using postbiotics in your skin care routine you can help your skin microbiome help you. Giving it what it really needs to be nourished, and your skin the opportunity to flourish. 

Using an ingredient like CanniBiota helps secrete the skin-smoothing compounds your skin needs. It feeds the good bacteria with what they need to produce more postbiotics. Going one step further than your typical postbiotic. It does the work for you. It gives the bacteria what it needs to produce many postbiotics your skin is dying for… literally.

Nourish Your Skin Microbiome

While it may sound overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Lifted includes everything the skin microbiome needs to be restored. Glycerin and citric acid for hydration and exfoliation. And CanniBiota to give your skin back it’s postbiotic power.

Save yourself from the self-esteem sabotage of an unhealthy skin microbiome. Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, lifting jowls and saggy skin. Lifting your mood and confidence.

The Final Say

You can’t live life wrapping yourself in cotton wool all so that your skin microbiome stays healthy. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. And damage to the skin microbiome just happens.

But we can do something about it. We don’t have to put up with aging skin and an unhappy skin microbiome.

With these 3 tips, you can nourish your skin microbiome back to health. Watch the wrinkles melt away and healthier skin have the final say. Boost your good bacteria and boost your beauty.