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3 Little Known Things That Give Away Your True Age

April 19, 2024

By lumiara-admin

We often hear about saggy jowls and crow’s feet making us look older. But we rarely hear about these 3 little-known things that reveal our real age.

Whether we like it or not, aging is inevitable. While we may feel young on the inside, our skin can tell others a different story.

Find out what may secretly be aging you. Discover how you can combat them. And with these tips and tricks, these 3 little-known things will reveal your age… is ten years younger.

What Causes Crepey Skin?

Collagen and elastin are responsible for supporting the structure of the skin. These two important proteins hold everything together. They ensure the skin is tight, firm, and youthful.

But unfortunately for us, the production of collagen and elastin decreases as we age. Without enough of them, the structural support of our skin is no longer as strong. The skin loses elasticity and its ability to snap back into shape. The skin becomes thinner and can leave our skin rough, wrinkled and crepey.

But aging and a lack of collagen and elastin are not the only reasons for that unwanted crepey skin. Other factors can accelerate and worsen its appearance.

These are all potential triggers for crepey skin:

  • Sun Damage
  • Loss of Hydration
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Poor Diet
  • Weight Loss
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Environmental Factors
  • Lack of Skincare

These 3 Things Could Be Aging You

Even if we have been religious with our skincare routine, we have mainly been taught to focus on the face. That crow’s feet or sagging jowls are the ultimate reason we look older.

But 3 little-known things could be giving away your age, more than you realize. And they aren’t on your face.

Crepey Chest

The chest area is also known as the decolletage. And it’s one of the first areas that shows signs of aging such as wrinkles and crepiness.

Unfortunately, the chest often goes neglected when it comes to a skincare routine. And years of sun damage sure don’t help. The skin in this area is already thin. So aging only makes matters worse.

Low-cut tops and dresses may be our go-to for a warm, summer occasion. But when crepey skin strikes, it can make us self-conscious. But we shouldn’t have to hide away from feeling fabulous in our favorite outfits.

Crepey Hands

We have all seen someone with a face that looks 40- but their hands tell a different story. Unless we are wrapped up in gloves all year round, our hands experience the forefront of sun exposure. Just like our faces. But we often forget the importance of SPF on our hands.

It leaves us vulnerable to sun damage. Unfortunately, this has its consequences when it comes to the appearance of our hands.

Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, our hands are vulnerable to harmful UV radiation. And this can cause thin, crepey skin that can leave us with old lady hands before our time.

Crepey Arms

Throughout our lifetimes, the arms get a lot of sun exposure. Who wants to wear long sleeves in the scorching sun? But with aging and harmful UV radiation, it’s the disastrous duo for crepey arms.

It’s a double-edged sword because now when we need to wear a short-sleeve top, we are self-conscious of our arms. Wrinkly, crepey arm skin can age us beyond our years. And stop us from feeling good in the clothes we love. And comfortable in the warmer months.

What You Can Do To Smooth Crepey Skin

Often a daily skincare routine primarily focuses on the face. But it’s not the only area on your body that will keep you looking youthful. Your hands, chest, and arms all play a huge role in how old or young you look.

If you are plagued by crepey skin in these areas, there are ways to combat it. Don’t let crepey skin hold you back. Wear that low-cut or sleeveless top with confidence. It’s time to feel good in your skin again.

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration can improve skin elasticity and the appearance of crepey skin. Drink plenty of water and hydrate yourself from the inside out.

Sun Protection

Harmful UV exposure is a sure way to worsen the appearance of crepey skin and aging. Make sure to always stay protected from the sun with SPF.

Wear a broad-spectrum SPF of at least Factor 15. Not just on your face, but all over. Including the chest, arms, and hands. Avoid the sun at its peak and keep your skin happy, and healthy.

Healthy Habits

When trying to combat crepey, aging skin, a healthier lifestyle can help. Eat a healthy, nutritious diet and stay active. Good nutrition can help keep inflammation at bay that worsens skin aging. And exercise is great for boosting collagen production.

And avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking. Smoking further reduces the production of collagen and elastin. It increases the speed at which the skin ages. Quitting is not just great for your overall health. It can help maintain a youthful complexion too.

Smart Skincare

A smart skincare routine can help us achieve a flawless and more youthful complexion. But it needs to be a skincare routine that doesn’t just involve our face. But our chest, hands, and arms too. Thanks to Sculpt by Lumiara, it’s simple. Adding Sculpt to your routine is an easy and fast way to say goodbye to crepey skin- all over the body.

This body-firming cream is formulated to enhance your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor. Providing your skin with all it needs to be truly nourished and hydrated. It can help smooth away wrinkles and crepiness. For firm, radiant skin that boosts your youth and your self-confidence.


Crepey hands, chest, and arms can even make us look older than we are. It can take away our once youthful appearance- and our confidence.

To combat these problem areas, there are several things we can do. Stay hydrated, create healthier habits, and avoid sun damage. We can also ensure we have a smart skincare routine that doesn’t just target the face.

Add a body-firming cream like Sculpt to your routine to say no more to aging, crepey skin. For smooth, firm, and flawless skin all over the body,

If crepey hands, arms, and chest stop you from feeling your best, it’s time to take action. Take care of your skin- not just your face. Restore a youthful complexion from head to toe.


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