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When The World’s #1 Dermatologist Says You Need To Try Lumiara…
You Should Probably Listen.

Dr. Jessica Wu

Dr. Jessica Wu is the dermatologist Hollywood movie sets and television studios trust to fix skin issues for their A-list stars.

Maybe you’ve seen her on Good Morning America or CNN. You may have even read her best-selling book “Feed Your Face” or watched one of her Ted Talks.

For years, she’s been growing sick of the old fashioned, behind the times solutions women like you are sold everyday.

Then Lumiara came along…

And Dr. Wu had everything she needed to create this quiet skincare revolution.

What Makes
Lumiara So Different?

Microbiome Science

Microbiome Science

New studies point to a healthy microbiome being key in the fight against aging and Lumiara can work better & faster than anything else on the market.

Happy Hormones

More "Happy Hormones"

Improves energy, confidence and mood by boosting oxytocin levels in the skin. This helps you feel better, look better and appear more attractive to others.

Safe & Clean

Safe & Clean

Every Lumiara formula is tested at a certified 3rd party lab to ensure they meet and exceed the standards you deserve.

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Dr. Wu’s Vision Coming
To Life.

Glowing Skin Like teenager

As a teenager, her acne was so bad she dipped her face in Hydrogen Peroxide.

The memory of feeling like she needed to hide her face behind a pound of makeup still haunts her today. It’s one of the reasons she became a dermatologist.


With the acne gone, her skin worries are still there.

She figures, if she can’t be prom-queen pretty or look like a swimsuit model, she can at least help other women love themselves and that’s what Lumiara is all about.

It’s about giving you the skin and happiness you deserve so you can live your life to the fullest – full of energy, confidence and adventure.

That’s why there’s no risk trying Lumiara today. Either we make you feel excited about what the future holds OR you pay nothing.

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